Mastering Moving Images

The past two weeks and the week to come have been dedicated to trying to master the skill of film making.

This is quite an important part of our MSc and totally new ground for me. The differences between making still images, as I am used to, and moving ones are not only obvious but also challenging – in a good way.

The composition of steady shots already requires a lot of thought, filming, whilst actually moving the camera all the more. A new world of equipment (job, dolly, slider…) has revealed itself to me for performing camera motions. This helps, when trying to acquire certain shots, but the proper handling of the equipment has its own challenges. This is also true for the art of pulling focus and zooming whilst filming. My hands definitely still are not quite steady enough for making these smooth motions.

We are also learning about the importance and impact, which sound has in film. The production of “own” foliage effects and the clear recording of interviews has become quite important to us – especially as we are producing own short documentaries. The topic my group is working on is “A Biological Profile of the University Campus”. Thus, we spent the last days filming wildlife and campus landscapes. Next week, the editing of the film will start…

Andrea and Gilles from my film team working on the composition of a slider shot.


Sciurus carolinensis – Eastern gray squirrel. These furry creatures play an important part in our documentary as they are found all over campus.*


Beeston Sidings Nature Reserve – the location of our first test day of filming.


Calystegia sepium – Hedge Bindweed. Found at Beeston Sidings Nature Reserve.*

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