Britain so far

They went by quicker then expected – my first term of the MSc and the first months of living in Great Britain.

It definitely has been a quite exciting and intense time. Working on photography techniques, learning post-processing methods of digital as well as analogous photos, filming and editing an own short documentary, building a website (which will hopefully be launched soon)… I have learned a few new skills and am looking forward to keep improving them next term (not that I won’t be taking photos over the holidays of course). Also, talking to people and taking photos in public places or at events as well as writing this blog, that any one can read, is making me work hard on becoming more outgoing and losing the fear of asking for help – which is very valuable to me.

I also am enjoying life in Britain and seeing a bit of the country. Even if I have not had the chance to travel a lot so far, even the area in and around Nottingham, with Wollaton Park and Sherwood Forest, is fun to explore. And I enjoy the occaisonal trips to the sea or other cities even more.

I will stop blogging over the Christmas holidays (so that the blog can get graded…). Thus, even if it may be a bit early, have a Happy New Year and see you in 2016!

Evening at Wollaton Park


Cervus elaphus (Red Deer) and incoming bird at Wollaton Park


Skegness Seashore

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