The Second Semester and Set building

This week the second semester of the MSc officially started. Having been back in Germany and not having the chance of seeing snow there, I was happy that Nottingham treated me to at least one day of the cold white.

Trent Building at the University of Nottingham


The focus of this week was on evaluating last years work but also on studio work -we were introduced to the useful practice of set building.

By splitting up the course into 3 groups, we all had the chance to work on a different set, which was to resemble a “real” outdoor situation. Set building enables us to take “nature photos”, whilst being independent from the outdoor conditions. With the proper lighting, we can even take night photos despite it being the middle of the day.

Together with Andrea, I was put to work on a birds nest, whilst the other groups worked on a night pond scene and a house corner. The results of the practice photo shooting using those sets are below.

The birds nest


Snails by night


The house corner



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