Start of the briefless Outings

There is something new  this semester. We still have plenty of briefs – we have to produce a magazine with various specified articles, the aforementioned exhibition has to be put on etc. – and we again have plenty photo excursions. However, this time it is not specified which briefs we have to work on during the outings, it is up to us to choose to do something or not.

Last week we had this first briefless excursion, which led us into the Peak District. Not only the 6 AM start but also this newfound freedom regarding our work, left me a bit baffled and indecisive at first when climbing out of the car. Nevertheless after a few minutes I was simply enjoying it. I decided to take turns using the analogue and the digital camera and all in all it was a lovely day.

I hope to use the analogue photos in the magazine for the landscape article soon. As I write this the developed film is lying in front of me, waiting to be scanned. Nevertheless, here are a few of the digital images I took first.

First impression of the Peak District – here Padley Gorge


Stream in Padley Gorge


The same stream further along the path showcasing some nice miniature waterfalls

On the way up the Mam Tor


The view from Mam Tor and a MSc course member

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