Nature and Forms

Last week it was my turn to give a talk to the BSc undergrads, which are participating in the photography module. The first 20 minutes of the talk were dedicated to giving feedback on photos that the students had previously taken. For that day their brief had been “patterns, colour and texture”. I was quite happy when I heard that that was the topic, as the second part of the talk, was watching a 20 minute video on “our creative inspiration”, which we had had to make in January – and the title of my video suited their brief well, as it was “Art forms in Nature”.

I love looking at the work of artists, which play with shapes and forms. Scientific illustrations like those of the Ernst Haeckel (have a look at images from his book Art Forms of Nature) are as fascinating to me as for example the photos of plant details taken by Karl Blossfeldt.

So looking at the BSc’s photos and talking about them reminded me of how much I enjoy looking for shapes and forms in nature. Thus, when our next uni outing led us to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, I knew that I wanted to get some photos of plant details. I found that turning them into black and white emphasised the texture in the images a bit more. Here you can see some of the results. I’m thinking that I might do something similar photo-wise for our upcoming May-exhibition..


Detail of an orchid


Tree bark

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