The Power of Cute

Somehow another term has passed by and now all that is left to do is to keep editing photos as well as writing and finishing the layout for the main project this term, the magazine.

Just now, whilst I was sorting through my photos for the magazine, I remembered the lecture by Andy Howard. He and his wife Lyndsey had kindly held a talk on wildlife photography for us at university. One of the topics they had covered amongst others was the use of social media, especially the usage of tags. Apparently photos or videos of “cute” animals, still are one of the things, that are more likely to actually be found and bought, when it comes to photos of animals. Thus, actually tagging images with the actual word “cute” can be quite a useful tool.

Whilst I’m still not sure, whether or not I find the pigeon (below) cute, I dare say the Harvest mouse from the Slimbridge Wetland Centre, which we visited on Friday, definitely is.

Harvest Mouse – Micromys minutus


Wide-angle shot of a Woodpigeon – Columba palumbus

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