A Day at the Seaside II – Puffins

One of the animals I had been hoping to see ever since coming to the UK, was a Puffin. I’d seen numerous photos of these lightly strange looking seabirds but never has seen in real life, neither wild nor captive. Accordingly, I was excited to hear that we might be able to see some at Bempton Cliffs!

Bempton Cliffs – the rocky edges are the home of numerous seabirds

As soon as we arrived at the reserve, it was pointed out that there had been a few puffin-sightings that day already. And sure enough, after a few minutes, the first red-beaked bird was spotted. It was quite far away and merely visible with the telephoto lens but it was there nonetheless.

A Puffin (Fratercula arctica) resting in a crevice

Having documented the find, we walked further along the cliff. And soon we came across a cluster of people pointing binoculars and cameras onto a spot on the cliff. Before I managed to swap back to my telephoto lens (I had been taking some landscape images with the wide angle lens), the birds that had caused the excitement, flew off…

Flying Puffins – easily recognised thanks to the red colouring of their feet and beak

… but only to land on the cliffs again a few minutes later, allowing me to get the Puffin-photos below.



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